BOUNDLESS: Dancing on Air

Boundless is a feature length documentary about BANDALOOP; a pioneering dance company whose awe-inspiring public performances have the power t change the way people view themselves, their communities, and the world.  

Combining modern choreography and rock climbing techniques, Bandaloop’s performances are staged on the sides of building and mountains around the world. In this film, we join the Bandaloop aerialists as they tour their most complex show to date. Along the way we find out just what it takes to dangle from the top of a skyscraper, leap thirty feet in a single bound, and spin like pinwheels in midair. We also discover that the mission of the troupe’s visionary artistic director (Amelia Rudolph) is not just to dazzle us with superhero-like moves,  but to energize urban spaces, introduce modern dance to new audiences, and create communal experiences that inspire people to reach beyond the boundaries of their lives. 

Boundless is a film about changing perspectives; a cinematic adventure that will enable viewers to experience the beauty, the thrill and the freedom of dancing on air.

Fiscal sponsorship for this film is provided by the San Francisco Film Society. Production is underway but funds are still needed to complete the filming and post production. To make a donation and support the making of this film go to

For additional information contact:  

Lisa Landers  805.450.2634

To see more of Bandaloop in action, here are some links to articles and videos that I recently wrote/produced about them:

– KQED Video of Bandaloop performing on the bluffs near Stinson Beach

– Outside Magazine online photo slideshow from a performance in Yosemite, June 21, 2015