Interested in expanding the scope, impact, and reach of your stories? We can help. 


Maybe you have a film that begs to be transformed into an immersive museum experience. Or perhaps you have an exhibition that has spawned an idea for a film—or a set of educational tools. We can help you create multiple pathways for your projects to enlighten, inspire and connect diverse audiences.

Here are few examples of how Tangent Productions can spin your stories:

  • Develop, write, and produce exhibition content
  • Create and integrate media elements to activate an exhibition
  • Develop and create educational tools including Web sites, videos, and printed materials such as gallery guides, lesson plans, and activity booklets
  • Develop and produce documentaries for museum presentations, television broadcast, and independent venues
  • Guide the transformation of a film into an immersive exhibition
  • Facilitate communication between museums, television networks, and other story outlets